Plenary Lectures

Following distinguished scientists will deliver plenary lecture at the symposium:

Erick M. Carreira

Prof. Erick M. Carreira

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Topic: Recent Developments in Strategies and Tactics Towards Complex Secondary Metabolites as enabling tools for the Study of Natural Products Biology.
David MacMillan

Prof. David MacMillan

Princeton University, USA

Topic: TBD
Hans-Arno Synal

Prof. Hans-Arno Synal

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Topic: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry beyond 2020: What can we expect from future AMS systems.
David C. Evans

David C. Evans

Janssen R&D, Johnson & Johnson, USA

Topic: Use of Isotopes in Drug Design and Mechanistic Drug Disposition.
Alfred Morgenstern

Alfred Morgenstern

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany

Topic: Targeted alpha therapy with Actinium 225 and Bismuth 213.
Graham S. Timmins

Graham S. Timmins

University of New Mexico, USA

Topic: Stable Isotopes in Lung Infectious Diseases: Improved Drugs and New Breath Test Diagnostics.

Melvin Calvin Lecture

Troels Skrydstrup

Prof. Troels Skrydstrup

Aarhus University, Denmark

Topic: The Development and Application of Two-Chamber Reactors for Isotope-Labeling.

Awardees of Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals Award for Junior Scientists

Antonio Del Vecchio

Antonio Del Vecchio

Comission d'Energie Atomique, France

Topic: CO2 Fixation for Late Stage Labeling of Drug Candidates.
Gianluca Destro

Gianluca Destro

CEA, Université Paris-Saclay, France

Topic: Carbon Isotopic Exchange for the Labelling of Carboxylic Acids.
Adele Queen

Adele Queen

University of Strathclyde, Great Britain

Topic: Iridium-Catalysed Hydrogen Isotope Exchange of Amino Acid and Peptide Molecules.
Mégane Valero

Mégane Valero

Sanofi, Deutschland

Topic: Iridium-Catalysed Hydrogen Isotope Exchange (HIE) Method of Aliphatic sp3-Centers in Unactivated Amides.


Session 1 :

Synthesis and application of compounds labelled by 3H.
Chairman: Jens Atzrodt (Sanofi-Aventis, ✉:

Session 2 :

Synthesis and application of compounds labelled by 14C.
Chairman: Jon Bloom (Pharmaron, ✉:

Session 3 :

Synthesis and application of compounds labelled with medical radionuclides.
Chairman: Ondřej Lebeda (Institute of Nuclear Physics of the CAS, ✉:

Session 4 :

Stable isotopes of biogenic elements - chemistry of labelling and applications.
Chairman: Prof. Frank Turecek (University of Washington, ✉:

Session 5 :

Preclinical and clinical studies of drug candidates supported by labelled compounds.
Chairman: Brad Maxwell (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, ✉:

Session 6 :

Analytical methods for characterisation of labelled compounds and developments in the field of formulation and storage of compounds with high specific activity.
Chairman: Martin Sandvoss (Sanofi-Aventis, ✉:

Session 7 :

Emerging new fields in chemistry of isotopes and in isotope techniques applications.
Chairman: William Lockley (University of Surrey, ✉:

Session 8 :

Poster Session – All Subjects
Chairman: Thomas Hartung (Hoffmann La Roche, ✉: